What is Line Dance?

At Line Dance you stand in rows and lines behind and next to each other.
But everyone dance the same just without a steady partner.
Thus, one can dancing alone at any time at home.
Line Dance is suitable for all ages.
A special sporting condition is not required.
Simple beginner dances can be learned within 10-15 minutes.

Need a little more time of exercise for something more sophisticated dances.
But then comes quickly the exhilarating feeling of success on:

Just like to dance the learned choreography to the music.


16/24/32 / Count ...
= This gives an indication of the length of the choreography,
e.g. 16/24/32 Counts
After this number of counts the choreography begins again

1/2/3/4 Wall
= 1/2/3/4 wall / walls: After 1/2 .... wall(s) begin the choreography again.

Ultra-Novice / Beginner / Improver / Newcomers / Intermediate / Advanced:
= These terms describe the difficulty of the dance.

Ultra Beginner = very easy
Advanced = challenging for advanced Linedancer

Country and Non Country Line Dance:
In Germany there are many line dance groups, they dance "only" to Country and Western music.
Meanwhile, however, in several groups also the "Non Country" dance variation is usual.
Namely: dancing to every kind of music.

And this kind of dancing I prefer and teach in my classes.

Whether it is the country & western music of "The Tractors", "Scooter Lee" or "Shania Twain".
Or the Rock & Pop music of "Michael Jackson", "Rihanna", "Ricchi e Poveri", "Jürgen Drews," "Emeli Sandé"
"Bruno Mars", "Helmut Lotti", "Olli Murs", "Donna Summer" and more:

All this music is to be found in my classes.